Welcome to Integrated Engineering & Compliance Solution (IECS)

IECS is Representing a Practicle Learning Institute on Industrial Instrumentation, PLC, DCS, HMI, SCADA and in Process Automation, our core Objective is to Develop Skilled People in this area to help assist country wide processing industry and to reduce dependency of overseas support   


  • We have identified intend requirement of our Student and Professional to perform best in their own area, we are maximizing our effort to help and assist to find them a best job and to perform best in their job those are already on the job, it is an unique institute you will find exception to learn with best practice opportunity
  • We are very focus on customer’s need, identifying barrier on true learning, allowed all additional time to demonstrate, passionate on to feed best learning solution, exchange idea of client to facilitate best way delivery, asking feedback on course contents effectiveness, it is our responsibility also to build the confidence on their professionalism 
  • IESC is having internal affiliation with country’s reputed Subject Matter Expert, SME for situational demand, those who are performing best on this area in best level, we can made them available to conduct any session to cover in wider scale, this is back reservation we have to support extensive requirement 
  • We want us to recognize us as a solution hub for Student, Professional and Manufacturing Industry on our business; it is your responsibility to find out our strength and expertise


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